What Highly Successful Parents Do For Building Funds For Their Children

What Highly Successful Parents Do For Building Funds For Their Children

Posted on 01 Jun 2023

Several individuals move abroad in order to secure a valuable future for their families. They may do this because they feel they are moving to another country as the quality of life is better than in their home country, or the country being shifted to has potential in terms of growth and child education.

Creating Generational Wealth

When people become parents for the first time, the upper-most consideration in their minds has to do with the future of their children, in terms of the standard of living, child education, and perhaps, marriage in the future. In most places abroad, families have access to free health and education, and a wealth of other opportunities to turn children into prosperous adults. Additionally, economies abroad are large and filled with the promise of growth, in terms of the GDP rising. Parents who are good planners think of creating wealth and growing it, as part of a broader strategy for generational wealth - ensuring that the next generation has a good amount of funds.

Making the Most of Opportunities

What are the opportunities that successful parents have to create wealth? There is a world of opportunities out there, from investment to child insurance to choose from. Establishing a legacy for the future generation is the key to successful parenting and helping your children get ahead on the road to adulthood and their own success. But, is money the only thing you leave behind for your child? Certainly not. Assets like real estate, equity and commodities of value like silver and gold are worth investing in and leaving behind for children.

The Precious Gift of Early Planning

Highly successful parents plan on saving for education and other requirements and milestones of their children early. Being young does not mean that you should splurge your salary, just because you may not have a family yet. People who plan to have families think of financial plans way before they actually set up a family. Studies have shown that children of wealthy parents grow up to be more successful than those of lower-income group parents. Consequently, when parents start to save and invest early, they build a substantial corpus to fund themselves and their families and help their children to flourish even while they grow into adults.

Parents who think ahead not only give their own children the opportunities of a full life in terms of child education and other great possibilities, but future generations emulate the same behavior and the trend, very likely, carries on.

Goal-Oriented Investment

When it comes to financial planning, every country has its own rules and regulations about investments and all things related to finances. There may be regulations in terms of investments and banking, but in general, there are some universal ways to invest that grow wealth and create a basket of value for children. Before understanding saving for education and other financial milestones, parents plan their goals for their children. While planning children’s goals for the future, the goals of the entire family must be taken into consideration as well.

Successful investment planners make organised decisions, and budgets and then formulate strategies that will aid them in fulfilling their financial aims.

Strategies and Investment - The Advantage of Successful Parents

Parents who plan the future for their children believe that strategies can only be successful if they themselves are financially secure first. Once parents start earning a salary, their investment journey begins, as the planning stages have taken place already.

Saving money is not enough, but building on it can be a push to give your children a head start in life. With inflation in consideration, parents who organise wealth into a strong portfolio for child education and other expenses, achieve financial goals quickly and in time to meet their growing children’s needs. Here are some key strategies that successful parents keep in mind for being financially sound for the sake of their children:

  • Making a budget
  • Saving wealth
  • Investing wealth in equity, fixed income, and insurance, other special child insurance plans, etc.
  • Planning a fund for education
  • Planning a fund for their own retirement and other unforeseen expenses
  • Considering inflation while making financial plans

Implementing Financial Strategies

Simply making a plan is not enough. It has to be implemented even before people become parents. Parenthood is planned, and even if it is not, strategies can be put into action better late than never. The simplest of all strategies that financially savvy parents implement first is to save money, placing it in a separate fund for retirement and another for children and their future.

Once parents save a substantial amount, aligned with goals, they can look at investment avenues that give them returns, as well as allocation of wealth to plans where their children are safeguarded, like child insurance and health insurance. While parents think of suitable insurance plans, they may consider plans that combine investment and insurance like Unit-linked insurance plans. ULIPs help you invest plus provide insurance cover for life.

Other Investments and Life Insurance

To end with, financially aware parents plan much in advance for the future of their children, which means planning for uncertain events like their own unforeseen demise. Life insurance coverage for parents is a must, with children as the nominees and beneficiaries. Along with other assets and investments, this acts as a boost to the financial security of children if parents are absent. There are many kinds of life insurance plans that include critical illness riders, should the policyholder get afflicted with an illness during the tenure of the plan. Such cover takes care of costs and doesn’t affect your life cover.

Parents may have wealth saved and invested wisely for their children’s future, but in case an unpredictable event occurs, resulting in the passing away of both parents, parents who plan for the future will make a will, naming a trustworthy executor if children are under age. Financially independent parents make financially independent children. These parents not only think of their own actions to save and invest for a child’s education or child insurance but also to educate their children about finance. Wealth may be left to children for the future but children should know how to handle money and invest themselves.


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